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Master Hypnosis Training invites you to join the thousands of people who have already benefited from Steve Roehm’s uniquely kindhearted, humorous and humanistic approach to training and certification programs, workshops and seminars.

For over a decade, Steve has trained, studied and worked with the finest hypnotists, hypnotherapists, care workers, coaches and lay people in the world. Now, Steve’s dynamic and highly recommended approach is available to you.

Allow Master Hypnosis Training to help you unlock the profound experiences and unrealized potential that comes

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from fully understanding hypnosis. Hypnosis is a 100 percent natural state of selective, hyper-focused attention that can be easily accessed. Still, it remains one of the most fascinating phenomena of the human mind. Our ability to enter this unique state of other-than-consciousness opens the door to countless possibilities for self-exploration and change.

Steve has helped thousands of people — including experienced practitioners — expand their abilities, hone their techniques and achieve their unique potential. Through its wide array of live training opportunities, Master Hypnosis Training offers the right opportunity for everyone to build a solid foundation for success in hypnosis.

Master Hypnosis Training is endorsed by world renowned hypnotist Igor Ledochowski, the International Association of Professional Conversational Hypnotherapists (IAPCH) and the International Society of Advanced Hypnotherapists (ISAHt)

Master Hypnosis Training is proud to offer:

  • Extensive real-world experience and application
  • Accredited certifications in Conversational Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Instant access to an international educational and professional network
  • Strong emphasis on both positive intention AND learning hypnosis skills.
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When you choose our program, you experience these advantages:

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  • Sophisticated unconscious communication revealed
  • User-friendly hypnotic protocol
  • Spontaneous creation of sessions based on outcomes
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Extensive hands-on-practice

 Master Hypnosis Training can help you develop and improve your hypnosis skills

Whether you’re a hypnotist already in practice and want to expand your knowledge or someone who’s new to the field, Master Hypnosis Training can help you develop and improve your technique by delivering essential foundation protocols.

In addition, our training will allow you to experiment with new ideas so that you won’t ever become stuck and unable to help a client.

Master Hypnosis Training offers the best of both worlds — both the basic and advanced concepts of hypnosis — at the same time. After all, mastery of hypnosis comes from attention to its principles and practice.

There’s no better way to enhance your hypnosis skills than to spend some time in training with Steve Roehm and Master Hypnosis Training.

Look around our website and then sign up for a Master Hypnosis training near you!

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Want to be an elite level hypnotist?

Our Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy training is one of the most advanced trainings of its kind which means you can become an elite level hypnotist in record time.

What Do Our Students Say About Us?

SYDNEY GARRETT, CHT (Beverly Hills, CA )


I had seen Steve on a professional level and as a result became very interested in hypnosis and the capabilities of the unconscious mind. When Steve told me he was going to get certified to teach hypnosis – I could not wait for class to begin.

Steve’s wealth of knowledge about hypnosis is incredible. I learned so much about not only the process of hypnosis but how to build rapport and setting up good communication with a client. He taught us the many different styles of giving hypnotic suggestions, inducing trance and I was introduced to my new hero Milton Erickson. I am also pursuing a Psychology degree so Erickson is a gold mine on two different levels for me. Steve’s classes never lacked for anything, he kept the flow of energy going for the entire class and time flew by.

Not only am I now a certified hypnotherapist but I can communicate with people I am in contact with more effectively, I am conscious of the energy I project and I am able to draw people in rather than put them off because of poor communication skills. The art of hypnosis can be applied on so many levels and Steve is an incredible teacher with regard to making the process understood. His class truly changed my life on so many levels!!

Thanks Steve!!



I’ve been practicing as a professional counselor for 16 years and having done this training during the past week, it is life changing. This workshop is without a doubt the best professional training that I have ever attended in all of my years of practice. I would recommend this training to anyone wants to work in any capacity helping people because you can move so quickly with hypnosis and it works. It’s a great, great method and everyone that practices should have this training. Thank you Steve.


"Your Conversational Hypnosis Training was awesome!"

Your Conversational Hypnosis Training was awesome!

I love the way you told stories to illustrate points and kept us laughing throughout the training. Of course, it felt great to be in a trance state for a good part of the six days as well.

Steve you have a gift for creating a supportive, nurturing environment, making it easy for participants to receive and retain valuable information in an enjoyable manner.

With loads of gratitude!



Hi my name is Chaim from Monsey, NY. I’m a certified life coach, and I initially came to this training to learn some new techniques to help my clients in their journey. But I was surprised to learn at the very beginning of the training that I’m about to learn something beyond technique. It’s about real deep connection, and it’s that real deep , passionate connection that Steve demonstrates as a role model to his students and to his training in general. He doesn’t just give a course, he connects. You just kind of live with that energy during the training. I highly recommend this training to anyone wishing to learn something beyond hypnosis and beyond technique.

KEN WATFORD, DNP, APRN-C (Professor and Nurse Practitioner in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery) Vanderbilt University Medical Center


I recently completed Steve’s Conversational Hypnosis training course in Nashville, TN. I can say without reservation that this course has been a game changer for me both personally and professionally. What a profound gift, to be able to more effectively communicate with my patients, and to be able to help facilitate true change. This training allows me to better facilitate healing in myself and in my patients. I’ve gained more from this six-day course than from any other continuing education course in the past 17 years of my career

Steve is an intensely knowledgeable and entertaining instructor and therapist, who is passionate about spreading the healing value of conversational hypnosis. He truly cares deeply about his clients and humanity, and is eager to improve our world. Thank you so much, Steve. Well done!

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