Why Become An Affiliate?

Promoting Master Hypnosis Training (MHT) is a smart move; it’s the most advanced and complete hypnosis training system available. Master Hypnosis Training is potentially life changing; you know deep down that the people on your list and around you will benefit from it in an amazing way in their lives. At the same time, you can be sure to get a good return on your marketing efforts with an excellent 20% commission per sale. Get ready to start promoting MHT right now!

  • A 20% commission on each sale!
  • A high-quality website to which you can send your visitors (www.MasterHypnosisTraining.com)
  • A unique and complete Hypnosis training system that is very fair and attractively priced at $1997 (We also offer Early Bird discounts!).
  • Access to professional and reliable tracking software for tracking your sales. Our automated affiliate tracking software ensures that you will get credit for each customer you refer to our site. This system uses cookie tracking, therefore ensuring that you will also be credited for the sales of people who don’t buy the first time they visit, but come back later to make a purchase. This cookie stays on their computer for 1 full year!
  • Access to your sales statistics in real time. You will receive a unique username and password that you can use to access up-to-the-minute reports with your own sales information. This way you can find out straight away how effective each of your individual promotions have been. You will be able to track exactly how much commission you have earned.
  • Excellent customer and affiliate support, with our support team being available by phone and email. We will respond to any of your questions as soon as possible and endeavor to do so within 1 working day.
  • Commission payout is within seven days of completion of your customer’s training. So, you will never need to wait long to receive your commission. (Please note: for product sales there can be a 60 day delay due to refund obligations to our customers).

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