Host a Training

Host a Training

Although we offer trainings in many place around the globe, some of our students prefer to stay at home. The Host a Training program is for people who don’t mind putting in a little work and are willing to help us market the course.

  • You can have a training in your hometown
  • You can get trained for free
  • We bring the BEST hypnosis technologies to you
  • You can earn money as an affiliate

 We provide a “plug-n-play” marketing system

  • Prewritten email campaign
  • Banners for your site or social marketing campaign
  • Prewritten newspaper ads
  • Prewritten press releases
  • Access to our in-depth marketing course including online and offline strategies
  • We will begin our own campaign to market
  • Simple affiliate program with up-to-date sales information

What you provide

  • Desire to work towards something amazing
  • A few hours a week to learn our simple marketing strategies
  • Help with choosing a venue
  • A little legwork to get the word out in your area

It’s pretty simple, you help us and we help you.  You will receive access to a cutting edge marketing program, up-to-date affiliate dashboard with minute by minute sales information and our years of marketing experience.  As a host, you will receive your training for free, minus your certification fee, after you sign up your first student.  From then on, you will receive 25% of the revenue from any student you sign up.

We do require at least 15 paid students to hold the training.

When you’re ready, just fill out the form below to request an initial consultation.

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