Your Mind's Bending Language For a Change 
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Back by popular demand for the FOURTH year in a row!

This is the workshop everyone is talking about!

During the 3-day intensive, you will learn a mind-altering technique that will allow you to create powerful change in any client in a matter of minutes, even if they are not in a trance.

Steve Roehm reveals the secret techniques he has been using to covertly change the minds of even the most resistant subjects leaving them wondering what their "problem" even was.

Are you ready to Experience High Level Conversational Hypnosis?

From the Desk of Steve Roehm
Nashville, Tennessee

Dear Hypnotist, 

Have you ever thought about how much better your life would be if you could only master communication in a way that effortlessly changes others? Have you ever wondered how to "conversationally" create a shift in your clients? Or, persuade your boss to listen to your ideas? Or, influence your clients to buy the products or services you recommend?

Influencing the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs of others is a crucial skill that you must develop to be an amazing Hypnotherapist. 

Using this conversational "technology" alone you can easily:

  • check
    Create rapid, effortless change in your clients
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    Radically Shift A Person's View
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    Destroy limiting beliefs
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    Unleash hidden resources
  • check
    Mine the subconscious mind for answers
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    Verbally spin anyone into the "void"
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    Help anyone break old habits
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    And so much more... 

Hi, My name is Steve Roehm and just like you, I too wanted to create more influence and control in my life.

I wanted to help others get more out of life and I knew by doing so I would get more out of life too.

But the problem was, all I had was old, archaic styles of hypnosis and a bunch of scripts that didn't match my clients or their specific needs.

Have you ever tried to hypnotize someone to do something that would really benefit their life and the suggestions just didn't stick?

If so, then you know what I am talking about.

The problem is, you can’t just tell someone to change, they have to discover the change in themselves. Trying to force suggestions which don't resonate with your client can be frustrating or worse yet, pointless.

That's no longer a problem with this "technology," but more about that in a minute…

It is frustrating to know you can help someone, but not be able to persuade them to see things your way.

Several years ago I began to realize just how much the power of influence would improve my life and I was at a point where I really needed to be more influential in the lives of everyone in my life.

That is when I discovered a little-known conversational hypnosis technique developed by an elite European hypnotist to create instant change in even the most resistant subjects.

I started practicing these conversational skills myself and I couldn’t believe the results.

Suddenly, I was able to talk circles around other people and use seemingly harmless questions to “spin” them into entirely new ways of thinking.

It was the discovery and mastery of this technique, beyond all others, which has made me the successful Hypnotherapist I am today, but it wasn’t always like this.

When I first started practicing these techniques, I was a struggling new hypnotherapist and I had taken a job waiting tables to make ends meet.

It was at my job in the restaurant where I first started using these skills and the results were life-changing.

By simply using these new covert, conversational skills, I began delivering what my customer came for… an enjoyable night out on the town. I used my language to essentially open their minds to have the best time of their lives.

The results? … My tips more than doubled, including one tip for $748. I was making even more than the veteran waiters who had been there for years!

I was hooked and now for well over a decade, I have been perfecting my skills. As my skills in this protocol increased, so did my results, and in turn, my hypnotherapy practice grew as well.

This conversational skill is the one tool I use more than any other, and I am consistently blown away by the results I get with it, and that is why I want to hand this technique to you.

I want you to experience the feeling that comes from knowing you can help people overcome their limiting ideas by bending them into brand new ways of thinking, in a matter of minutes.

And, it doesn't matter what the issue is!

Here is how it works:

This technology, called Mind Bending Language, uses elegantly crafted questions that spin a person's mind into a trance where any answer is possible. We call it the "Void" and here is how you can use it to get more out of your sessions.

When you deliver a suggestion to someone, their "critical factor" will instantly compare and contrast that suggestion against everything they have known and experienced in their life… and in order to get people out of their old ways of thinking we must spin them into a new one. Using this unique way of connecting with your clients, you will quickly bypass that gatekeeper, and give your client access to ALL their resources inside.

Here is a example. In the demonstration below I use this very technique to help a friend and student overcome a fear of flying in a matter of minutes. Watch it, and see if you can recognize the moments he spins into thinking in new ways. 

Did you recognize the change when it happened?

You see, most of the time when you are stuck and frustrated in life, it isn’t your circumstances that keep you there. It's your beliefs, emotions, and behaviors and this technique is the fastest way I know to change all three.

By now, you may realize just how powerful this technique can be because it gives you the ability to change the minds of others anytime, anywhere without an "induction" and even without saying the word "sleep."

This is not your Grandma’s hypnosis. This is the real deal, and you don’t want to miss your chance to join me to increase your skills, confidence, and ability to influence change in others.

Mind Bending Language IS the most potent covert conversational hypnosis "technology" that exists. 

This training will take place after HypnoThoughts Live in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the post-conference workshops. There will be many different trainings that you could sign up for, but this is the only one that will give you the skills to become a mind-bending Jedi.

But don’t take my word for it, listen to what my former students have to say about this training…

"I am a certified hypnotherapist, but I learned so much that I didn't even know that I didn't know."

"I went over under and beyond myself to the extent that I can see nothing but possibilities."

"It was 3 days of intense mind-bending fun
and I had a blast!"

"It was hilarious... highly recommended!"

"I took this class because the idea of solving my client's problems before I hypnotized them appealed to me..."

You see everyone loves this training. In fact, we know you are going to love it too that is why I include my Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely blown away by your new mind-bending skills, simply let me know before the end of the first day, and I will gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

You See, Everyone Loves This Live 3-Day Training, and I am Sure you are going to love it, too, and that is why I am offering an...

Ironclad 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We Guarantee You Will Love This Training

We are sure that you are going to love this training, so we are offering you this 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not impressed by the speed at which you are mastering hypnosis, we will give you your money back. Just let us know before the end of the first day and we'll refund your money with no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose. Gain the skills to easily influence others to change or get your money back; it's that simple. So what are you waiting for? 

Space is limited so don’t wait. Gain the confidence to know you can persuade anyone, anytime all you have to do is click the button below and register to attend “Your Mind’s Bending Language For A Change” today!

Here are the details of the 2019
"Your Mind's Bending Language For A Change"

Training Times and Dates:

This 3-day intensive takes place after HypnoThoughts Live In Las Vegas, Nevada August 19-21, 2019. Training will take place each day from 9 AM - 5 PM. 

Location and Venue:

This training will take place in scenic Las Vegas, Nevada @

4500 W. Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: 1-800-ORLEANS (800-675-3267)
Group code is: A8HTC08

Training Investment:

The total training investment to attend the "Your Mind's Bending Language" program is only $997. Update: Early-Bird-Registration has now started! Register Before March 15, 2018 And Save $400! See Details Below.

Special Bonus:
Limited Time Only

As one of my students, you will have access to my exclusive registration link for Hypnothoughts Live.

So, register for this training before you register for Hypnothoughts Live, and you can sign up directly through our link and save.

PS It's isn't necessary to attend HTLive, but I HIGHLY recommend it!

To guarantee your registration is received BEFORE all places at the event are filled by others,
I highly recommend you register as soon as possible, like right now, for this one…

"Your Mind's Bending Language For A Change"


Yes, Steve! I will be attending “Your Mind’s Bending Language” for 3 days of mind-altering training August 19-21, 2019 in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada.

I understand:

  • I will be training for 3 incredible days with Master Hypnosis trainer Steve Roehm in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada 
  • I will be attending the “Your Mind’s Bending Language For A Change” intensive where I will develop the confidence and skills to easily influence those around me to create positive change.
  • My investment to attend the "Your Mind's Bending Language" is only $997. *Enroll today and get $400 off. Get it all for only $697  Until May 31, 2019
  • I also have a full 100% Money-Back Guarantee until the end of the 1st day of training. If I decide the training is not for me, I can get a full refund, no questions asked. 

Today Just $997

Early Bird Registration Only $697 Until May 31, 2019

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With gratitude, 

Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Weight Release Coach, the first, and currently only, Certified Master Trainer, for the International Association of Conversational Hypnotherapists, in the state of Tennessee and one of only 24 worldwide.

P.S. This training is the only place on Earth where you can learn the Mind bending launguage skills used by elite change masters...seats are filling up fast and space is limited, so act now before they are all gone.

P.P.S. Remember you have my Ironclad 100% Money-Back guarantee. If the speed at which you are learning hypnosis doesn't knock your socks off before the end of the first day, simply let us know, and we will give you a refund, no questions asked. 

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