Introduction To Ericksonian Hypnosis Workshop

This stimulating weekend workshop focuses on the work of Milton Erickson. Dr. Erickson was a psychiatrist and hypnotherapist that many regard as the grandfather of modern hypnotherapy.  Erickson was an amazing man with uncanny abilities to create deeply profound changes within his clients. Erickson had a wonderfully humanistic and holistic approach to change work.  Erickson’s work has inspired and deeply influenced the practice of hypnosis even decades after his passing.I am really excited to share this workshop with you!

Here’s some of what you can expect:

  • A simple step-by-step process that Erickson used in EVERY induction he did to create powerful trances – and it only takes a few minutes to learn!
  • How to develop elegant Ericksonian hypnotic language.
  • How to set up the conditions for naturally powerful and deep trances to occur – seemingly out of the blue!
  • How to notice the subtle unconscious cues the client gives you that will allow you to guide them into profound states of change.
  • How to use the advanced hypnotic techniques to evoke deep psychological, emotional and even physical changes.
  • How to develop the specific state that allows you to perform powerful hypnosis without fear – and dramatically deepens the state.
  • Exclusive access to the training after it is all over in the Master Hypnosis Training  Student Center.

These are just a few of the things you will learn in this powerful 2-day workshop.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice just getting into hypnosis, this training will be easy to learn, fun and have a lasting effect on your life.

If you’re excited, like I am, then please enroll below while there are still some places left…

Seating is limited

Where: Nashville, TN( Specific location TBA)

When:  October 27 & 28, 1-7pm

Cost: $197

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*Due to the nature of this type of training, some content may be added, deleted or altered at our discretion.