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For Hypnotists who want to get better faster…

“A Rare Chance For You To Train In & “Internalize” The Simple 5 STEP Roehm Single-Session Stop Smoking System – Enabling YOU To Help Others Quit Smoking In A Single Session… “

This is an advanced intensive workshop and only open to Certified Hypnotists and Hypnotherapist



This is the Ultimate Single-Session Stop Smoking Training Program For Hypnotists

I will teach you in FOUR DAYS what took me over a decade to perfect!Stop-Smoking

As long as you have some experience working with clients, or you have been through one of my trainings, you already have all the skills you need to master what I am going to teach you.

This is a 5-Step process that I have used to help THOUSANDS of people quit smoking.

And when you too learn how to integrate the 5 Steps in your sessions (which you most definitely will do at the live training)…

You Will Have A Simple & Repeatable Sequence (Process) To Produce FAST and PERMANENT Results With Any Smoker!


Learning this process will give you the power be able to influence people every day to guide them to be non-smokers.

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Something else that’s important for you to know:

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to demonstrate this simple 5-Step process with something most hypnotists will never have…


No matter who you are working with, you will know what to say and when to say it!

Like all of my trainings, you will get practice and experience DURING the training.

In other words, you can go from unconsciously incompetent (no idea what you’re doing) to unconsciously competent (a “natural” master hypnotist) within the period of the live training / transformational process.

There’s NO WAY you can get that kind of hypnosis transformation (from zero to mastery) anywhere outside of our synthesized unconscious learning methodologies.

You will learn…

  • How to shift perspective to open your client to a deeper understanding of their situation.
  • The takeaway effect and how you can use it to create unconscious shifts.
  • How to use situational awareness to shift attention.
  • How to utilize Anchoring for long term success.
  • How to use marbles to make people aware of the beauty of life
  • How to use dissociation to facilitate DEEP Unconscious Learnings.
  • When you should take your clients to see their own demise…if ever?
  • All the secrets I learned over the years…

Because one of the main advantages of attending the live training will be…

Learning by Doing…

You do the drills, you get the skills.

It’s that simple!

Seats are strictly limited in each location…

Not least because…

This protocol has made me a consistent six-figure income for the last 5 years!


If you want to make certain you get to learn from my experience you need to sign up for this class NOW.

If you click the link and the class is sold out, I apologize.  All I can say is, I told you so.

So you might be thinking:

How much?

Good question.

If you sign up before you close this page, the 4-day hands-on workshop is just one simple installment of $2497 $1297 $997.

A small investment to make considering you could easily make that back in your first Two sessions!


And, as usual, this workshop is GUARANTEED! If you feel like this workshop isn’t for you, you can walk out by lunch on the first day and we will happily refund your investment in full.

Where Is It Being Held?


Pittsburgh, PA (Towneplace Suites, near Pittsburgh Airport)

Nashville, TN (Near Nashville International Airport, Exact location TBA)

Los Angeles (Near LAX, Exact location TBA)

Sign up now!

These intensives WILL undoubtedly sell out. Much sooner than expected if past experiences are anything to go by.

I promise this will change the way you work with smokers!

If you want to learn from my years of experience choose your best location below and I’ll see you in training.