Steve and Igor

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Listen Now As Steve Roehm and Igor Ledochowski Discuss Conversational Hypnosis

Master Hypnosis Trainer Igor LedochowskiMaster Hypnosis Trainer Steve Roehm


When you decide to enroll for ‘The Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy Certification Program’, Steve will reveal the step–by-step details for every cutting edge strategy and technique Igor perfected.

You’ll learn the critical principles, tools and techniques that will empower you to induce trance quickly, and generate lasting change with even the most reluctant hypnotic subjects.

Nothing is held back. Nothing whatsoever.

And here’s what really sets this training apart:

  • You’ll be learning fresh NEW material for a change!
    Let’s face it. The majority of hypnosis and hypnotherapy trainings out there are just a bunch of rehashed materials invented decades earlier. But that’s unacceptable. That’s why I promise to deliver great principles that you’ve never seen before. For instance, something that’s going to be at the heart of the course is the Non-Awareness Set – which is something that hardly any other hypnotist on this planet is even talking about. (In fact, it’ll be worth attending just for this!).
  • Close personal attention.
    I’m limiting the number of people who can attend this training. Why? Because this way, I get to make sure you’ll each be getting the right level of personalized one-to-one assistance and feedback to take your skills to the next level.
  • The focus is on PRINCIPLES (not just techniques)
    If you’re only interested in techniques, don’t worry. You’ll be learning a TON of them here. But the real value and emphasis will be in the principles that surround them. By taking this approach, you’ll be operating from the level of ‘engineer’ (and not just ‘mechanic’) right from the start. And you’ll have the ability to create your own unique hypnotic approaches along the way too – so you can quickly morph into a “Reality Magician”.
  • I will guide you step-by-step through the essential parts most trainings ignore (or simply don’t know how to do)
    This point is crucial. Unlike many trainings out there, I won’t be taking anything for granted, or leave anything to ‘chance’. You’ll be learning all the specific ‘how tos’, helping you to BLAST through your stumbling blocks and ‘sticking points’ with ease. Job done. It’ll be like they never existed.
  • This program is both ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ at the same time –
    Naturally, there’s going to be a wide range of skill levels and abilities attending. It’s inevitable. And that’s why this training has been designed to cater to ALL levels. So, whether you have loads of experience in hypnosis already, or if you’re really just getting started, you’ll definitely benefit from the way it’s been put together. The focus is on meeting you at the level you’re at – whatever that happens to be – and accelerating your skills to a level of sophistication you’ve never seen before.

So by the time you’re done with this training, you’ll have mastered a powerful understanding of what it really takes to produce positive change through hypnosis – both covertly and in a therapeutic setting.