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Ken WatfordI recently completed Steve’s Conversational Hypnosis training course in Nashville, TN.  I can say without reservation that this course has been a game changer for me both personally and professionally.   What a profound gift, to be able to more effectively communicate with my patients, and to be able to help facilitate true change.  This training allows me to better facilitate healing in myself and in my patients.   I’ve gained more from this six-day course than from any other continuing education course in the past 17 years of my career

Steve is an intensely knowledgeable and entertaining instructor and therapist, who is passionate about spreading the healing value of conversational hypnosis.   He truly cares deeply about his clients and humanity, and is eager to improve our world.   Thank you so much, Steve.  Well done!

Ken Watford, DNP, APRN-C (Professor and Nurse Practitioner in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery) Vanderbilt University Medical Center

chaimHi my name is Chaim from Monsey, NY. I’m a certified life coach, and I initially came to this training to learn some new techniques to help my clients in their journey. But I was surprised to learn at the very beginning of the training that I’m about to learn something beyond technique. It’s about real deep connection, and it’s that real deep , passionate connection that Steve demonstrates as a role model to his students and to his training in general. He doesn’t just give a course, he connects. You just kind of live with that energy during the training. I highly recommend this training to anyone wishing to learn something beyond hypnosis and beyond technique.

Chaim Perl, CH, CLC (Monsey, NY)

Randall MonkYour Conversational Hypnosis Training was awesome!

I love the way you told stories to illustrate points and kept us laughing throughout the training. Of course, it felt great to be in a trance state for a good part of the six days as well.

Steve you have a gift for creating a supportive, nurturing  environment, making it easy for participants to receive and retain valuable information in an enjoyable manner.

With loads of gratitude!

Randy Monk (Peoria, IL)  www.TimelyGuidance.com

The Ericksonian workshop was as enjoyable as it was helpful.  I came into it having already completed the Conversational Hypnosis training, and this was really wonderful as a boost to both tools and confidence.  But I was impressed that even those with no experience coming in grew tremendously over the couple of days.  Thank you Steve!

Dodge Rea, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist (Nashville, TN)

David Scott Trochtenberg, MDI’ve just completed the foundation course with Steve and it’s been absolutely life changing, I’ve learned more about myself in terms of my ability to heal myself as well as heal others, I’ve discovered the joy of laughter, I’ve discovered how to give laughter to other people and it’ll make me a better healer, better physician and a better person and I cannot say enough about Steve as a human being and as a teacher and as someone who cares deeply about all of his students as well as all of his clients.

David Scott Trochtenberg, MD (Nashville, TN)

Angelia Bryant, CHtI’ve been practicing as a professional counselor for 16 years and having done this training during the past week, it is life changing. This workshop is without a doubt the best professional training that I have ever attended in all of my years of practice. I would recommend this training to anyone wants to work in any capacity helping people because you can move so quickly with hypnosis and it works. It’s a great, great method and everyone that practices should have this training. Thank you Steve.

Angelia Bryant, CHt  (Lexington, KY)


Mike Hardin (Nashville, TN)

Sydney Garrett-Hayes, CHt

I had seen Steve on a professional level and as a result became very interested in hypnosis and the capabilities of the unconscious mind. When Steve told me he was going to get certified to teach hypnosis – I could not wait for class to begin.

Steve’s wealth of knowledge about hypnosis is incredible. I learned so much about not only the process of hypnosis but how to build rapport and setting up good communication with a client. He taught us the many different styles of giving hypnotic suggestions, inducing trance and I was introduced to my new hero Milton Erickson. I am also pursuing a Psychology degree so Erickson is a gold mine on two different levels for me. Steve’s classes never lacked for anything, he kept the flow of energy going for the entire class and time flew by.

Not only am I now a certified hypnotherapist but I can communicate with people I am in contact with more effectively, I am conscious of the energy I project and I am able to draw people in rather than put them off because of poor communication skills. The art of hypnosis can be applied on so many levels and Steve is an incredible teacher with regard to making the process understood. His class truly changed my life on so many levels!!

Thanks Steve!!

Sydney Garrett, CHt (Beverly Hills, CA )

Emma Lenz (Hendersonville, TN)

Summer LiddingtonI just completed a Master Hypnosis Training with Steve Roehm and it has really been an incredible experience. Steve is an amazing teacher and trainer and I think the best part about it is, he really wants people to learn. Steve doesn’t read from some text book or even want you to read a text. He’s really there for you to get it, understand it and use it. Above all, he’s there because he wants people to learn to help others and I think that’s the beauty of all this. I’m going to use the Master Hypnosis Training certification in partnership with my holistic nutrition certification that I’m working on currently. I want to help people with weight release, healthy lifestyle changes, performance with athlete’s, really just helping people inside and out in becoming better, healthier and happier most importantly.

I wish we had more time. At the end of the day, you know at five o’clock, we’re all exhausted and part of me just wants to stay and keep learning but part of me can barely peel myself out of that chair because I am just overwhelmed and it’s great! It’s been a long time since I worked my mind this much.

Summer Liddington (Nashville, TN)

It’s true, Steve Roehm is a certifiable hypno-nerd (except he’s really not much of a nerd at all). The man is saturated with hypnosis, hypnotherapy and related specialties and is so excited about sharing his calling with those who are ready to learn.

His course includes much more than hypnosis certification.Melinda Thiele, CHt
Expect to gain:

  • Confidence in your own hypnosis skills through practical experience in class
  • Knowledge of building and marketing your own successful practice
  • Entry to an international community of very accessible, highly skilled practitioners
  • A future including outside-of-the-box opportunities for the evolution of your mind and your career

With sincere recommendations,

Melinda Thiele, CHt (Nashville, TN )


Kristy Edwards (Franklin, TN)

Steve Roehm with Kristani and Martin HulbaekA few months ago, I had the privilege of attending a Hypnotherapy Certification Course with Master Trainer, Steve Roehm. I entered the class knowing that Steve was an amazingly gifted hypnotist (I had the honor of working with him informally at another event) but I had no idea that I too would be a competent hypnotist by the end of the training (having never taken a hypnotherapy class before)!

Steve’s teaching style of interweaving both information and practical application made for a very effective environment in which to learn. As students, we were afforded a safe environment where we had the valuable opportunity to practice our skills and become confident with them. A situation was created whereby each person received individual guidance and support. It was truly a non-threatening, fun experience. As a result, students picked up the material and techniques effortlessly and efficiently. In fact, upon completing the course, I was immediately able to put to use with clients what I had learned with self-assuredness and ease. And receiving a Certification at the end of the program added credibility.

So if you’re considering taking a Hypnotherapy Certification Program with Master Trainer, Steve Roehm…say “YES”. Not only will you benefit professionally but you will also benefit personally. This training far exceeded my expectations and I have no doubt it will surpass yours as well!

Kristani Knapp, CHt (Ventura County, CA)

Sarah Freeman (Bowling Green, KY)

Thorance Tweeten, CHtYour care and love as a trainer for your students allows us to expand our abilities to help others. You rock, your Nashville class is so lucky to share their learning experience with one of the best hypnotherapists and master trainers available.

Thorance Tweten, CHt (Los Angeles, CA)

Steve Roehm teaches with heart and humor. As a successful and sought after hypnotherapist, this is his life’s work – assisting others. It shows in his compassion, gentle manner and great skill of listening. As a student of Steve’s, you’ll learn with a smile on your face. He shares deep knowledge, years of experience and respect for this healing modality. Steve teaches simply using explicit examples for all to understand. Thank you, Steve, for your confidence and patiently guiding us to tap into our inner abilities so that we too, may be the best hypnotherapists possible.

Deborah Arlook, CHt (Los Angeles, CA)

Mike Heughan (Nashville, TN)

These last seven days with Steve have been absolutely phenomenal and life changing. Not only did I find myself open to new ideas, I can take these new ideas into my business and help others in a way that I’ve never been able to help them before and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m really looking forward to putting into practice what I have learned and I just can’t say enough about this seven days, for anyone who want’s try it or has even thought about it, take the chance, you won’t regret it. Thanks Steve.

Sandra Wills, MA (Nashville, TN)

Daniel LaVelle (Nashville, TN)

paula WolowiecA sweet friend of mine gifted me a session with Master Hypnotherapist Steve Roehm. I was so impressed with the results of my session, I left his office his office with a new outlook on life and I had an insatiable curiosity for hypnotherapy. To satisfy my curiosity, I recently completed Steve’s two day foundational course Intro to Hypnosis. Steve’s laid back approach put everyone at ease – the class walked in as strangers and left as friends, we laughed and we learned – it was a great experience. In the foundational class you will learn what this is and experience what it means – H+ (hypnosis with positive intention). Hypnosis is a path to personal empowerment – a gift to you and to others. Next class…Conversational Hypnosis Certification Course!! Hope to see you there!!

Paula Wolowiec (Nashville, TN)


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